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Glossary Pages
     Japanese Sword Visual Glossary (graphics of katana, tachi, tanto, etc)
     Japanese Sword Glossary (dictionary A to Z)
     Sword Blade Terminology (graphics of shape, hamon, hada)
     Sword Tang Terminology (graphics of shape, yasurime, nakago styles)
     Sword Blade Measurement (proper way to measure a blade)
     Japanese Sword Flaws (Kizu) (some can be repaired, some can't)
     Blade Lamination Methods (how sword blades are constructed)
     Unusual Japanese Tanto (kubikiri, fan, pistol, ken, yari, hachiwara)
     Japanese Polearms (graphics of naginata, nagamaki, yari)

Japanese Sword Tsuba
     Japanese Tsuba Terminology (graphics of Japanese sword guards)
     Schools of Tsuba Artists (names and dates of major schools)
     Elegant Iron Tsuba (pictures of a variety of tsuba)
     Ko-Nara Tsuba (pictures of Ko-Nara tsuba)
     Saotome / Tembo Tsuba (tsuba of Saotome and Tembo schools)
     Sanmai Tsuba (made with a three layer construction)
     Daisho Tsuba (pictures of match sets of tsuba)
     Tsuba Identification Guide (identification guide for major schools of tsuba makers)
     Japanese Tsuba Plates (forged vs "factory" tsuba plates)
     Cleaning Iron Tsuba (suggestions for care and cleaning)

Sword History and Care Pages
     Japanese Sword History (sword eras and major sword making centers)
     Japanese Sword Care (a MUST read page )
     Is It Real? Is It Old? (how to tell the difference)
     NBTHK Sword Care Guide (with sword disassembly instructions)
     Authentication Papers (Origami) (NBTHK, NTHK, NTB and Fujishiro ratings)
     NBTHK - NTHK Origami Comparison
     Judging Sharpness (tameshigiri, wazamono, sword testing)
     Japanese Sword Inventory Sheet (helps with study and insurance)
     How To Tie Sageo (scabbard cord knots)

Japanese Sword Polishing
     History and Techniques of Sword Polishing
     Hada and Nugui (bringing out details of blade)
     Hadori and Sashikomi (different styles of polishes)

Military and Civilian Sword Indentification Pages
     Japanese Military Swords I (shingunto, kyugunto, kaigunto, NCO)
     Japanese Military and Civilian Swords II (officer's/police sabers, artillery/civilian swords)
     Japanese Military and Civilian Dirks (officer's, kamikaze, police and more)
     Gendaito vs Showato (distinquishing traditionally made and non traditionally made blades.)
     Sword Company Logos ( of companies selling swords during WW II )
     Nakirishi Mei (swordsmiths didn't always carve their own signatures)
     Reproductions and Fakes (and swords confused with Japanese swords)

Japanese Sword Clubs, Events, Books, References Pages
     Japanese Sword Clubs (and links to club websites)
     Japanese Sword Books (major English language books on Japanese swords)
     Japanese Sword Events (annual calendar of sword shows)
     Japanese Sword Listservs (email discussion groups)
     Japanese Sword Humor (or possibly not :-)

Japanese Sword Links Pages
     Japanese Sword Sites I (in English)
     Japanese Sword Sites II (in English)
     Japanese Sword Sites (in Japanese, French, Swedish, Italian, German)
     Japanese Sword Martial Arts Sites (iaido, iaijutsu, kendo, etc)
     Swords of the World Sites (many non-Japanese sword types)

Translating Japanese Swordsmith Inscription Pages
     Translating Swordsmith Names A-G (tables of Japanese Kanji used on sword tangs)
     Translating Swordsmith Names H-M
     Translating Swordsmith Names M-T
     Translating Swordsmith Names T-Z
     Hiragana Conversion Table (Hiragana Romanji conversion table)
     Translating Japanese Provinces (Kanji of major Japanese provinces)
     Translating Nengo Date Inscriptions (how to read dates)
     Translating Zodiacal Date Inscriptions (how to read dates)

Japanese Swordsmith Index Pages
     Gendai Swordsmith Lists (papered gendai swordsmiths, Minatogawa swordsmiths)
     Rikugun Jumei Tosho (army approved swordsmiths)
     Showa Oshigata Database (approx 250 oshigata of Showa Era swordsmiths)
     Tokyo Kindai Tosho Index (Tokyo based swordsmiths)
     Gendai Toko Meikan Index (book index of gendai swordsmiths)
     Gendaito Meisaku Zukan Index (book index of gendai swordsmiths)
     Toko Taikan (gendai smiths) Index (Index of gendai swordsmiths from Toko Taikan)
     Showa Seki Tosho (WW II Seki Swordsmiths)
     Showa Tosho Ranking (Ranking of Showa Swordsmiths)
     Toko Taikan Index (ZIP) (Index in ZIP format of Toko Taikan)
     Koto Taikan Index (ZIP) (Zip format index of the Koto Taikan)
     Nihonto Newsletter Index (ZIP) (Zip format index of Yamanaka's Nihonto Newsletter)
     Token Bijutsu Index (ZIP) (Zip format index to the NBTHK journal Token Bijutsu)
     Ritsumeikan Tanrenjo swords (swords made at the Ritsumeikan University forge)
     NTT/NTS Swordsmith List (some Showa era swordsmith listings)
     Undocumented Showa Swordsmith List (swordsmiths not documented elsewhere)
     Gendai Mino Swordsmiths (swordsmiths of Mino making swords in the traditional manner)
     Shinto Swordsmith listing (listing of some Shinto era swordsmiths)

Specific Japanese Swordsmith Information Pages
     Ichihara Nagamitsu (aka Ichiryushi)
     Chounsai Emura (Okayama Prison swordsmith)
     A Tale of Confusion (why Emura and Nagamitsu blades are confused)
     Ishido Teruhide (also signed Mitsunobu)
     Asano Kanesane (also spelled Kanezane)
     Fujiwara Kanefusa (23rd Generation)
     Minamoto Yoshichika
     Koa Isshin Mantetsu (and mantetsu / Manchurian blades)
     Tanba no Kami Yoshimichi (swords by Tanba no Kami Yoshimichi)
     Ikkansai Kasama Shigetsugu
     Kotani Kenzo (Yasunori)

Schools of Japanese Sword Making
     Mino-Den Swords (swordsmiths of Mino Province)
     Bizen-Den Swords (swordsmiths of Bizen Province)
     Miyairi School Swords (Akihira / Akihide lineage)
     Top Koto Swordsmiths (Gotoba's Kaji and Masamune's Jittetsu)
     The Mishina School (Kaneuji, Kanemichi, Yoshimichi, Kinmichi lineage)
     The Kashu Kanewaka School (detailed lineage of Kanewaka school of sword smiths)

Japanese Sword Articles
     Sword Articles Introduction
          Swords of the 47 Ronin (details of swords of some great historical warriors)
          Styles of Swords and Koshirae (katana, uchikatana, chisakatana, tachi)
          Advice for Novice Collectors (read this BEFORE you make costly mistakes)
          Japanese Tanto History (styles of tanto by era and school)
          Blade Shape Changes (blade shape changes thru history)
          General Tojo's Tanto (famous sword missing from museum)
          NBTHK Sword Making Competitions (results of 2000 and 2001 competitions)
          A Sword Named "White Cloud" (named Shinto era sword with cutting test)
          Sword Blade Niku (discussion of the "meat" of Japanese sword blades).

Articles By Clive Sinclaire Pages
     Clive Sinclaire Introduction
          Japanese Sword Modern History (Japanese swords in the 20th Century)
          Shinken (Modern Swords) (some swords are for martial arts and some are not)
          Japanese Sword Mounts (major styles of koshirae)
          Hizen School Swords (brief history of swords of Hizen Province)
          Judging Japanese Swords (what to look for in a good sword)