This list of gendai swordsmiths of the Mino region is based on an article by C. Jeffery Wang published in the Japanese Sword Society of the United States Newsletter, May-June 1999 issue. Only the names of the swordsmiths are presented here; additional information is contained in the original article. The following swordsmiths of the Mino region are known to have made swords in the traditional manner (gendaito).

  • Noshu ju Akihira
  • Akikane
    Noshu Shizu Akikane
    Also signed as:
    Minamoto Munefusa
    Noshu Shizu ju nin Minamoto Mitsukane
  • Noshu ju Kuriyama Kaneaki
  • Fujiwara Kanefusa (23rd generation)
  • Kanehide
    Noshu ju Kanehide
    Noshu Seki ju Kanehide
  • Noshu Seki ju Kanekuni
  • Kanemasa
  • Kanemichi
    Noshu Seki ju Kanemichi
    Noshu Seki ju Koshima Kanemichi
  • Kanemoto (27th generation)
  • Watanabe Kanenaga
    Noshu Seki ju Watanabe Kanenaga
    Mino Seki ju Watanabe Kanenaga
  • Noshu ju Nara Tairo Fujiwara Kanenaga
    (not the same as Watanabe Kanenaga)
  • Kanenari
    Seki ju Kanenari
    Noshu Seki ju Kanenari
  • Noshu ju Tanba Kanenobu
  • Noshu Seki ju Kanenori
  • Noshu ju nin Morida Kaneshige
  • Mino Kuni Seki ju Kanetaka
  • Kanetoki
    Seki ju Kanetoki
    Noshu Seki ju Kanetoki
    Seki ju Fujiwara Kanetoki
  • Kaneyoshi
  • Masafusa
  • Fujiwara Takao

NOTE: Many of the above swordsmiths also produced swords by non-traditional methods. Each blade must be judged on its own merits and not simply on the signature (mei). Swords with arsenal marks (except star stamps) should be considered non-traditionally made (not gendaito).

Thanks to C. Jeffery Wang for providing much needed research in the area of Mino region gendai swordsmiths.

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